[MAC] 10-bits support?

Simple question:

Does DXO Photolab support a 30 bit colour workflow? 10-bit colour per channel support?
I’m considering a wide gamut screen together with a new Mac mini 2018.
Ofcourse I would like to keep working inside PL.

Thank you.

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??Stupid question??
(as I said before, I think about buying a (wide gamut) Eizo cg monitor (10 bit / 16 bit LUT)).

10 bit support would be incredibly helpful for me, particularly in Silver Efex Pro. I work almost entirely in black and white - 10 bit would mean 1024 shades of grey, rather than 256 of 8 bit. I always work at 10 bit in Photoshop and the difference is there when switching to edit in Siver Efex Pro. As the human eye can distinguish c. 700-900 shades, 10 bit is a bit [sorry] on the top side, but 8 bit gives too few shades of grey.

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Same here. 10bit support please!

if you put it under “Which feature do you need” people can vote on this idea


Thank you. I will. Later. At work now

A feature request already exists with votes, so that’s where we should vote:

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