"M" key no longer functions to show/hide mask in 7.5

Having placed a control point, I find that clicking “M” does not hide the mask. Pretty disappointing experience regarding fixes to LA functionality.

Also, I find that having a dropdown for colour/b&w masks means having to click twice to change from one to the other, which I do frequently.

I’ve reported the issue/s to DxO.

Quite strange: I’ve just reopened Photolab and the “M” key now works. Hopefully a glitch that won’t be repeated.

Had been asking here and the solution / new behaviour is explained here / here.

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Thanks for the information which explains the behaviour. I notice that Show Mask is selected by default and remains so while chroma and/or luma is changed, then automatically deselected when an adjustment is made. This might be useful behaviour (or not) but I’ll know for sure once I’ve edited a number of photos.

Would be great to have a shortcut key to toggle colour/b&w mask preview though.

Yes, that would be handy instead of clicking on the drop-down menu when to change the mask type and then having to click again.

( showing both mask types and choosing with a radio button was quicker )

This new behaviour was mentioned in the PLv7.5 Release Notes …

This works well, I reckon.

What’s NOT so good, tho, are the implications of this;


… As explained in more detail here.

I’ve now had the chance to try out the new arrangement re Show/Hide Mask. Still not good.

If I drag out a control line, it is difficult to place the picker because the mask display covers the image. Absolutely impossible in b&w mode. I really need to be able to temporarily switch off the mask for this usage.

Yes, that’s an unfortunate implication of one of the recent fixes/improvements in PLv7.5 (all of which are listed & explained here) … but there’s a quick/simple work-around;

  • If you make a small change to any of the LA correction sliders then the “Show Masks” option is enabled for input - and then you can press the M-key to hide the mask.

Thank you, I have already had to use that workaround in some cases. However, I hope that it will not be a permanent situation.

I got a condescending response from support suggesting that I alter my workflow to accommodate the show/hide mask automation. I responded with the example of how it affects control line placement (which I was doing in exactly the way shown in the Photolab manual).

It seems that programmers know more about photo editing than photographers.