LUTs Seem to Be Missing in PL7

I have the trial version of PL7 and Viewpoint 7 installed on my M1 MacBook Air.

When I go to the LUT section, I can see it but it is all grayed out. No matter where I click, it doesn’t respond. I have a RAW photo that I’m working on and applying other adjustments to, but I’m not able to apply a LUT because the LUT section is grayed out.

What am I doing wrong? Suggestions?

Make certain that the Working Color Space in the Color Palette is set to “Wide Gamut”, not “Classic (Legacy)”.




Ah! Thank you mwsilvers. That does it. I would never have figured that out on my own even though now I do vaguely remember reading something about that. Thanks!

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If I recall there are one or two other tools also similarly affected by the color space. Unfortunately at the moment I don’t recall which ones. However, if you run across some other grayed out feature related to color, check your color space setting as a first step.