Lumix TZ100 RAW files not sharp

I’ve just got a Lumix TZ100. The JPG images are pin sharp but I’ve noticed that when I process the RAW images with PhotoLab 4 that they aren’t as good.
I wonder if anyone else has noticed the same issue.

Do you have general experience processing raw files? Based on this post I suspect you may not. Jpegs straight out of the camera have the in-camera settings for sharpness, contrast, color processing, and scene type, etc, applied automatically. Raw images do not contain any of the in-camera settings and as a result they tend to look less sharp, with less contrast and flatter color tones. Jpegs essentially are post processed in camera. Raw files need to be processed in separate software. If the results you get even after processing raw files in PhotoLab are not as “good” as your jpegs, chances are it is due to your inexperience with Photolab.


Not a TZ100 but TZ220 - if anything, PL4 over-sharpens these! I’m sure you would have “lens sharpness” turned on in PL4, but it would be worth checking.

Are you zooming in to 75% - 100% to see all of the sharpening and other adjustments that PhotoLab applies?

Thanks Greg - interesting you should say that. I do notice that if I blow the images up they become sharp but at ‘normal’ screen size (30%) they’re not compared with the JPEG. I haven’t noticed the same effect with Canon.

Thanks Mark,
I’ve been using PhotoLab for a while with my Canon RAW files but haven’t noticed the effect I’m seeing with the Lumix before. The Canon processed RAWs are always much better than the JPEG.

With regard to sharpening it works the same way with every camera. Sharpening is only visible at 75% zoom and above. Perhaps your Lumix raw images are less sharp than the ones from your Canon so the lack of visible sharpening below 75% zoom is more noticable.


Apparently you never noticed you can’t see the effects of sharpness edits as you apply them when viewing below 75% soon. The sliders for Lens Sharpness and the Unsharp Mask also Indicate that edits are not visible below 75%.


Thanks Mark.
That’s very useful feedback and yes, the sharpness is bang on at 75%. I’ve converted the processed image to JPG and compared with the out-of-camera JPG the result is much better (which I hoped it would be having splashed out on a compact camera that produces RAW images!)
I can now take it into the mountains with confidence!