Lumix S1, color rendering tool error?


I’ve been developing some photos in these days and I’ve noticed some weird colours in some of my shots. All these photos were fine on LCD monitor of my camera. All the problems came up on Lumix S1 shots. To better explain the situation, I’ve made some screenshots of one of the photo. If needed, I can share the original raw file. So, this is what I see when I load my raw in Photo Lab.

As you can see, there are some weird color band in the lighter part of the shadows. I had the same problem on other photos that right now I cannot share. I played a bit with all colour regolations with no success. I’ve also tried to set my camera profile with colour rendering tool, but I hadn’t any luck.

Then, actually by mistake, I set Canon D1000 as colour profile and I got this.

Now, of course colours were a bit different, but colour bands disappeared. So I’m asking: is it to be considered a colour rendering error or is an expected behaviour?


hello @Piovasco,

as you proposed it would help us to get the raw file.
If you can’t upload it here I think @sgospodarenko can tell you where to do it.


Upload Can be done here

All right, I’ve done it!


I got your file, we will try to improve the color rendering.


Thank you too!