Luminar (4) and DXO Photolab 3

I just pre ordered Luminar 4. No experiences with Luminar at all, but the technique looks interesting enough. DXO Photolab 3 will stay my number 1 raw converter/photo editor (too good for all I need), but every now and I might just export a tiff into Luminar and see how I (especially) can save time on things like Masking.
Anyone any experiences with PL together with Luminar?
Thank you!

yes you can always export as .tiff to work with Luminar to enhance your images, like many save as .tiff to keep working with Ps or AP, the only down part is it’s a destructive workflow.

Thank you mikerofoto. That’ s my plan; export as .tiff; the same as I do when using Affinity Photo (but with few images; mostly PL3 is enough). Do you use Luminar next to DXO Photolab?

I did but now I go PL to AP with Nik as plugins. you can achieve effect faster in luminar than in AP or Ps but masking in luminar isn’t precise or give you flexibility.

Thank you again. I do have high(er) expectations from Luminar 4 (not out yet). There seem to be a few worthy improvements now. Beside that, it will serve as “every now and then” software. Especially with landscapes it could be timesaving and effective. I shoot portraits most. Then architecture, art, travel. After that, landscapes (but this last one might become more important to me)