LumaRiver Profile Designer v2 is out ... after a long while

LumaRiver Profile Designer v2 is out … after a long while

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I’ve read the first sentence on their site, “Lumariver makes specialized software tools for the quality conscious photographer”, and gave up immediately. Can you explain in a human language what it is and how does it relate to PhotoLab? Sorry for my obvious ignorance.

it is intended for discerning connoisseurs of all things related for camera profiling , not that this forum is populated with such, but just in case …

PS: and yes, unlike DxO miserable camera profiling tool embedded in PL7 - it us truly for “quality conscious photographer”

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Just try the beginning of the page (top of the page of Noname’s link)…

This and your most interesting analysis of Photolab’s highlight issues, reminds me of a problem I have been having. I would value your expert opinion.

A while ago due to a) disliking Photolab’s colours for my Olympus camera and b) not having the cash/resources, I bought Colour Fidelity (formerly Huelight) profiles for my camera. Results were excellent to my eye - money well spent, I thought.

Then Wide Gamut arrived and my profiles became useless. Uncorrectable clipped highlights unless I used classic/legacy.
Since then, I have been using my own flavour of ‘no corrections’ but I do miss those profiles.

Note: although Adobe profiles are somewhat better coloured than DxO’s, they also are rendered a bit too bright.

I am not, obviously (c), an expert, just passing by

you do NOT need to use WGCS - just continue to use CLCS… do you really suffer from a practical standpoint from issues with colors outside of AdobeRGB ? if you paid money to Colin, the dude known for his escapades in Adobe forums like 10 years ago or so and formerly known to peddle his wares as HueLight, for his recycled material and you like what you got - just use it in CLCS pipeline

Thanks for the useful reply. No I don’t have issues with colours outside of AdobeRGB but was under the impression that WGCS gave more room for the stretching and squeezing of colours during editing, the end result being converted to my chosen smaller colour space.
I am trying out CLCS now - hopefully DxO will not drop the facility soon.

do you really have a reason to saturate or faithfully reproduce you colors outside of AdobeRGB gamut ? like shooting exotic tropical birds or very colorful flowers or neon lights or fluorescent clothing/makeup or so ? may be you do - but again the fact that you were OK before WGCS says that you might be OK afterwards for the subjects where you were compelled to use outside profiles

Thank you CO.

I have the first version of LrPD with Repro license. I’ll take a peek at what the 2.0 offers.

I say the inflation was/is rampant in sweden … full repro license cost was $120 ( not $, but those pesky eu ) back in 2017… fast forward to 2024 upgrade (upgrade, Karl …) is $200 ( eu + tax … was there any tax in 2017 ? ) … that is 80% of the cost of the new license …

Yes. 250 € for upgrading my Repro version is beyond what I’m interested in paying.
So I’ll pass. I hope they get the point that it’s beyond reasonable.

200 + tax ( RePro → RePro ), do you have 25% tax to make it 250 ?

Yes I do. :worried:

sweet jesus ! (c) /CO, having a MAGA moment/