LR> PhotoLab5 > LR > And then back to PhotoLab5 again?

I’m running PL5.5 and LR11.5 on macOS 12.6

From LR, I can successfully “Transfer to DxO PhotoLab 5”, edit in PL5, and Export back to LR as a DNG(All Corrections Applied.)

However, if I want to re-edit the DNG in PL5, when use LR> “Transfer to DxO PhotoLab 5”, it opens the DNG in PL5 but all the controls are zeroed out.

Is there a way to roundtrip the file from LR>PL5>LR that will allow me to send it back to PL5 to make further refinements of the previously used settings?

Any other suggestions on optimal Round-trip workflow are appreciated.

Thank you.

Welcome, M.

I’m not a LR user - but I can see that PL will need to “know” what corrections were applied in the first place - when it encounters the image for the 2nd time.

The fact that it doesn’t suggests two things;

  1. The 2nd time it encounters the image it has either a new/different file-name and/or it’s located in a different place … Either way, it will see the image as a completely new one.

  2. There’s no details about the image in PL’s database or in an associated sidecar/.dop file.

Ensuring the 1st scenario is NOT true will assist in ensuring the 2nd condition IS true.

HTH - John M

Hi and welcome.

The edited DNG that you are sending back to LR already has all the edits made in PL5 applied. PL5 sees this DNG as a new unedited file and therefore zeros out the sliders. If you want to re-edit the file you’ll have to send back the original RAW file. Sorry but I don’t use LR and there may be some way to accomplish what you’re trying to do within LR but I’m not familiar with it. Maybe someone who uses LR will come along to help you.

Welcome to the forum, @mlondon !

In order to be able to cover your situation, we’d need to know, which options you use to launch PhotoLab from Lightroom:

  1. context menu option
  2. module option from Lr’s menu

Is your original file a RAW file or not?

LR and PL do not understand our recognise edits made by the other app so when a file is transferred from one app to the other the receiving app sees the file as a new file and starts editing from scratch.

I can only suggest you make your edits in one app and then send it to the other app. If you need to re-edit in the sending app then you should do that with your original file so that your original edits are included. Then send the file to the other app again. The edits done in the receiving app will be lost and will have to be redone.

If you have file XYZ.RAW and send it from LR to PL, then PL sees XYZ.RAW.

When you send from PL it back to LR as “DNG(All Corrections Applied)” you are creating a new file which is not an original (to camera) RAW file, but a new invention by PL. Let’s say it’s now called XYZ.PL.DNG.

If you want to make further adjustments in PL, then you need to “send” XYZ.RAW back to PL. PL will see the file it already knows about and still has the adjustment details for.

Finally, the second time you send XYZ.PL.DNG to LR, I’m not sure if it will overwrite the original or create a new name.