LR Export Stopped Working

Anyone have a problem with the DxO Export plug-in just not working all of a sudden? I’m using PhotoLab on macOS 14.3.1 (Sonoma) with Lightroom Classic 13.2. I’ve updated both Lightroom and Sonoma fairly recently, but I’ve used the exporter successfully since then. I’ve made sure the plug-in is enabled in LR’s Plug-In Manager. I’ve deleted the plug-in and re-installed it. Nothing. All of my other plug-ins work fine. Anyone else?

Works more or less as expected with DPL on macOS 12.7.3 and LrC 12.
→ I had to restart LrC though.

When DPL exports images to Lr for the very first time, it asks for permission to install the plugins. Once the plugins are installed (copied to the appropriate folder), Lr is brought to the front, but does not display the PhotoLab collection that is usually created. After a restart, the collection is shown and handing over images from lr to DPL works.

Attn @StevenL … PlugIns are only registered in LR upon its start. When Lr is started and DPL installs the plugIns, Lr does not see the plugins and can’t act as expected.
Maybe DxO could do something to get rid of this sub-optimal UX?

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