LR CC to DXO PL5E and back to LR ... NOT happening

I have [finally] been able to get LR CC to EXPORT to DXO PL5E.

However, when I then do any edit in DXO and then try to send it back to LR I immediately get an ERROR msg … something about a possible corrupt catalog or some such nonsense.

The catalog is just fine.

I followed the instructions from the DXO 5 site, e.g., … “removed from the path” all the way through to the end.

This at last allowed me to Export from LR to DXO successfully. However, having made a few “test” edits in DXO, and then make the effort to send it back to LR … I STILL receive an ERROR msg that says there must be something wrong or corrupt with the LR catalog.

There is not.

And I am trying to send the image back to the Original folder, just as DXO suggests as choice #1.

What am I doing wrong?



Please, create a ticket via as it needs to be investigated personally.

Svetlana G.

Thanks Svetlana.

I will do that later today. Off to work right now.


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