Loyal customers

It’s a pity that loyal customers keep getting a poor deal.
I see that products are now discounted by 50% in Black Friday deal.

Those of us who loyally upgraded to PL4 last month (annual releases appear to come around end of October) could have used the 1 month trial and then upgraded now, had the same use of the software and saved about 25 $ or 25 Euros.

Remember this for next year, don’t buy upgrade until Black Friday!

However - the initial discount was still a good deal!!


Edit: my mistake not 25$ but 10$, storm in a teacup!



Seems to be the same with products across the board, still annoying though. A new customer can buy PL4 for £57.99, but my upgrade from PL3 to PL4 will cost me £49.99, just £8 difference.

I guess the more new customers they get will be better for everyone in the end, but like you say it would be good to reward current customers sometimes.

Cheers John

I don’t know, where your prices are from, but here in germany a new PL4 Elite costs 119.99€ (instead of 199 €), the Update from (any! PL-Elite Version) to the new PL4 Elite costs 59.99€ (instead of 89 €). Thats more than last Black-Friday (44.99€) but fair.

I think maybe you compare the Essential-Version against the Elite-Update.


Thanks Wilsberg - Yes you are right it was the Essential version, my mistake, which now makes it a great upgrade price for Elite loyal customers - my upgrade to PL4 will be purchased ASAP :slight_smile:

The enjoyment and usefulness the product has brought me has been worth every penny.

Having use of the software and Deep Prime for the last 35 days was worth a couple of dollars, because that’s what we are talking about here.


Happens every year. A few people complain every year. Make a note so you don’t upgrade too early next time. Software companies often offer their lowest prices of the year on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. DXO is no different.

We are really talking about only USD$10 when upgrading the Elite version. When it was first announced the upgrade to PL4 price was $70. Now it is $60. Not much to get upset about.

I have to admit that I was waiting for the BF. I think the update price (PL Elite) now is nice and I did it. Everybody knows the BF will come and this year the difference is not so big to be really angry about it.

We are not forced into an update because PL3 was also quite good.

Without DeepPrime I would have skipped this version, but the advantage is perfect and worth even the higher price yesterday.
Just my opinion! (on the train since OP 4)

How strange !!!
I’ve payed 69.99 € on 21 october 2020 to upgrade from PL3 Elite to PL 4.

I bought PL4 on Oct 21 for $69.99US. Today I could have bought it for $59.99US. That $10US cost me $0.28US per day to enjoy the full use of this great program for 36 days. I could have used the trial for 30 of those days but I don’t mind paying $0.28US per day and not having to worry about it.

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I’m not upset about it. I just made the comment on the price change for the upgrade. DxO is excellent software (using since PL2) and the new additions to PL4 are wonderful. I particularly like the new workflow module.

hahaha, you could had read thread when PL4 was released, people were already talking about the black friday deal would be a bit more than 35% of the released price. This has been the same thing since PL1 and we’reve seem this kind of thread as well as for PL2 and PL3. Always better discount at black friday.

happy shopping y’all :cowboy_hat_face:

I also purchased PL4 the first day it was available knowing full well that it would be available at a cheaper price on Black Friday. This is the same every year, and every year people bemoan DXOs release pricing versus the Black Friday pricing a month later. At this point, I’m surprised that everybody doesn’t realize that software, as well as a million other products, will go on sale for Black Friday.

Most of us who purchased PL4 right after release did it because we wanted the product in our hands and were less concerned about Black Friday discounts.



A cheezy way is wait 1-2 weeks after released and use the 30 days trial, by the end black friday is there :upside_down_face:

I pretty much didn’t put 2 and 2 together. Although I am not moaning because I got my PL4 Elite upgrade at time of launch for £55 and that’s pretty good value. I will have a think next year though… If I can be bothered to remember :grin:

It’s the same thing every year.
The release is in October.
The black friday is in November.
The sales on black friday are the always the best.
There is a 30 day trial period…

So… Either you want to buy your product first, and you pay more.
Either you wait for the black friday and you get the best price.
You can’t be surprised that the best prices are on black friday.

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I purchased my upgrade the day that it came out. Yes, I knew that it would be a few dollars cheaper at Thanksgiving; I didn’t care. The improvements in noise reduction in this upgrade are just incredible; I wanted to start using it immediately.
Also, these are difficult times, I don’t know what shape DxO is in, but I do know that I want them around in the future. I’m in for upgrades for the foreseeable future.
To the staff at DxO; keep up the good work!


PL4 must have been the most expensive upgrade I have ever made. I’ve had to ditch my 10 yr old iMac running High Sierra for a new 2020 model running Big Sur. Cost about £2.5grand. I hope its going to be worth it!


C1 don’t even support it yet. Things you can learn from Apple is never upgrade to the newest OS release unless you willing to test drive it with all bugs and whistle, there still going to be fixed issues for another few months before things start to run smoothly on it, which brings why are they trying to add Big sur on PL4 instead of keeping the still supported and stable High Sierra.

Same thing last year. This time I waited. Paid off for this old fox! I was ropeable last time, but kept my cool. Then again, business is business.

Yes, I agree that it’s not a big deal and that the SW is great so it’s worth every penny BUT it’s still a little annoying the way the marketing/sales department (do they have one or is it ad-hoc less organized and/or less experienced sales people handling these matters?) of DXO handles things like this. But I have by now learnt that in the future I will wait ordering SW upgrades…
I have sent many complaints on this matters and tried to be constructive to only receive answers like “take it or leave it” and maybe one day I will even think of leaving DXO just for this annoying unprofessional attitude and stay with Adobe CC which in the long run (counted durin a 3 year period) even seems to become cheaper for me in spite of the subscription fees…