Low resolution using FP for external editions from Apple Photos


I used to use FilmPack 5 on my old MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina without problem. I use now a MacBook Air M2, install FilmPack 5, and get a problem with Apple Photos:

  1. In Apple Photos, I select an HEIC photo taken from my iPhone.
  2. I select the option menu “Image > edit with > DxO FilmPack 5”. This will open the photo to modify in FP5.
  3. I make some modifications, e.g. changing to a B/W photo.
  4. I save the modifications to TIFF image, then exit FP5.
  5. The OS brings me back automatically to Photos with the edited photo: the photo is now in low resolution.

In FP5, if I save the modifications in a TIFF file in the desktop instead of the temp directory created by Photos, and if I open it with Preview software of macOS, I can see that the TIFF saved by FP5 embeds two version in the file, one with the original resolution (3024x3024), the other in low res (189x189). It seems that it is the low res which is chosen by Apple Photos.

I didn’t have this issue on macOS Catalina. I tried FP6 trial, and get the same issue.

Does someone get the same problem ?

By the way, because I saved once the TIFF image to the desktop, the next times I try to edit photos with FP5, FP5 always propose me the last directory when I want to save the editions (i.e. the desktop), not anymore the temp directory of the opened photo. Thus, the photo can’t be replaced by Apple Photos.