Love the new features in PL 6.3: Retouch brush size control and Wide Color Gamut for jpegs

Brush size control is now Ctrl + scroll for both Retouch and Local Adjustments. Love it. I did not like using “hold down Alt, hold down the right mouse button, drag left or right” in the Repair/Retouch tool. I think I like this even better than what I asked for earlier which was to make the bracket keys control brush size, because now I don’t have to move my hand over to press one of the bracket keys.

And,wide color gamut for jpegs. I’m still fairly new to PL but wondered why this was only available for RAW files. I was thinking well maybe it just isn’t effective for jpegs, but glad to see it can now be used for them too.

Thanks, DxO, keep up the good work!


And they changed the way the Add Stroke function works with the Retouch tool. Much better than before when the outline of the original stroke was in the way of being able to see what you were doing. Now the original stroke shows as a blue patch and it’s a lot easier to add to it. Love it!

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Yes, this subtle change (to the shortcuts used to control Size & Feathering) is VERY MUCH appreciated :clap:


John M

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Great that this inconsistency is fixed now!
There is nothing more annoying than differences for similar functionalities