Loupe in ViewPoint used within PL3?

I have now bought ViewPoint 3, having for the past few days been trying it out within PL 3. I now have VP 3 as a palette within PL 3; as a plugin for PS Elements, and as a standalone program. Is there any way to display the magnifying “handles” when using it within PhotoLab? I am only seeing these when using it standalone. (I haven’t got my photo editing laptop running at present, so can’t remember what I saw in VP 3 used within PSE, which I don’t generally use for the “heavy lifting”).

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No because it’s not the same viewer environment (don’t ask me more :wink: ).
We claim this since the first realease of VP.
In fact not, we no longer ask for it :frowning:

Thank you. It is a minor irritation really. I could use the standalone function if using the loupe were especially important in a particular shot, but mostly I’m using the palette within PL.