Lost my IPTC defaults

For some unknown reason, when I shot one day and all previous days, I had all the IPTC metadata tagged correctly. Fifteen days later when I shot the next time, there was no metadata in my images. I don’t know what happened. I would like to enter the IPTC metadata like email, copyright, website, etc. on all imported images all the time (not a cut and paste which I’ll have to do now to correct the images that don’t have any IPTC metadata). I can’t seem to find out in the OM how to set up defaults for IPTC fields (like I used to in LR). Am I missing something?

I did look in the camera menu and was alarmed that the only two fields offered, artist name and copyright were blank. Regardless, only in the software does email and website appear. Those too, are constants and would like that info to appear in IPTC all the time.

Thanks for your responses.

Terry Pytlarz