Lost keywords

Dear All,

I am working on PhotoLab 3.3 and I have lost my keywords whereas my .dop fils are well there. It is not a question of version, I think because I was filled in these keywords during my last use of PhotoLab.

If I understand well, there are not recorded in a db files but in some file.dop. If I am wrong where can I find the db file ?

If anybody has a good idea for finding my “treasure”, it will be a great help. it is latin names of plant.

Thank you very much for your help.


PS : I am sorry if a topic about lost keywords already exists. I did not find it.

Hello @Laurent1 and welcome to the forum,

  • On the contrary, all the keywords are stored in the database and not in the sidecars.

You can find where your database is located via Preference menu:

By default it’s usually here - %appdata%\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 3\Database

But it’s strange that you lost your keywords if you did not remove you database. Maybe you moved the images to the other folder or drive?

Svetlana G.

Thank you very much. Found it. but without the DB file, may be some bad handlings from me. After having opened DXO, a new DB has been created. Make again is always make :wink:

Best regards.

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