Lost Image Browser

I have lost the facility to display the image browser on my second screen. Docking the browser and undocking the browser still leaves it on one screen only. I cannot see how to rectify this. I had looked at how one screen would work which showed the images to be selected at the bottom of the screen. I then moved this below the bottom of the screen to hide image browser but have been unable to reinstate this. So at the moment I can’t look at the image browser on my second screen or along the bottom o0f a single screen. Help needed please.

Have reinstated browser images at bottom of single screen but undocking still not working so still need advice. Have re-started computer but still not working

Can’t you grab the browser and move it to the other screen? No problem on Mac here. First undock the browser, then take it with the mouse and move it over.

You haven’t said which system you’re using, Roger (Mac or Win) - but have a look at the “View” menu and apply the Show/Hide Image Browser option (Ctrl+F9 on Windows) along with Dock Image Browser (Ctrl+U on Windows) … It may take a few different combos of these View options, but it should eventually sort itself out.

HtH - John M

Thanks. That was the answer! Moved browser then maximised. All ok now.