Lost image browser with upgrade to MacOS Sonomo

I have been using DxO Photolab 5 (Elite, 5.16.1) for a couple of years, and I like it very much. But I recently had to upgrade my MacBook Air (Intel 2020) from Catalina to Sonoma, and the image browser (film strip) has vanished from it’s usual location below the customized window, where it could be docked/undocked via Cmd U. Now, it is only visible in “undocked” mode. I found a similar thread from a few years ago, related to the M1 2020 MacBook Pro (Disappearing image browser - #10 by MHH) , which suggested that the image browser was hidden in docked mode. It even included a remedy i.e. undocking to make the image browser visible again and then dragging the upper edge of the window into place before docking again. But that doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions welcome.

As noted above, re-sizing the image browser window using the horizontal edges didn’t restore the docked image browser. But after some trial and error, I find that re-sizing it diagonally via the lower right corner of the window does snap the docked window back into place. I hope that helps someone else.

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