Lost Access to NIK

I just installed the latest NIK upgrade. Try to open it from PL6 and get a “NIK not installed” message. When I try to installed NIK from the just downloaded file it messages that this software is allready installed. WTF?


It’s a registry problem, as I recall. Or due to something blocking the installer from updating the registry. Anyway, people report this problem quite regularly in this forum. You might be able to solve it by uninstalling and reinstalling Nik or PhotoLab or both.

Hello, I had this same problem when installing the Nik collection 5.

To solve it I just uninstalled the Nik collection and reinstalled it after restarting the computer.

I hope this will help you solve your problem

Same. Never had issues before. As well as unusable, it reformatted and deleted all images from a 3TB external hard drive. What business it had even accessing the external drive I have no idea.