Lost Ability to Recognize Lens (DPL versions 5 and 6)

I have this RAW file from an Canon EOS 5D body using an EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens.

I understand that such combinations can be hard to detect correctly, but up to a certain point, DPL was able to recognize the lens correctly. This ability is absent in the following:

  • DPL
  • DPL

I have uploaded the files under my forum name. Please note that one file is the original and the other has been patched to enable DPL to recognize the lens correctly:

  • original: 20140626-8376.cr2
  • patched: 20140626_8376.cr2

I had reported this issue a while ago and some changes have been made … for the worse. :roll_eyes:

I had a similar issue with PL6 telling me that there was a missing lens module, but when the download window popped up - nothing. PL5 had previously recognised the lens and body (Olympus 12-100/4 IS Pro with EM-5 Mk IIi body) without difficulty. I re-indexed the folder and the problem was solved. Might be worth a try…

Thanks for trying. I re-indexed the folder and it did not help.

Deleting the database and cache files does not help either. There is definitely something that has been modified in DPL, which might help in a few cases, but not with mine.

Addendum: The unaltered file’s “Lens Model” tag is empty due to the old camera not recognizing the new lens. I’ve patched that “empty” entry with ExifTool and DPL recognizes the lens.

If only DxO allowed to assign a module manually instead of stubbornly sticking to the less-than-perfect automaton.


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