Loss of pixels

Why the loss of pixels? I’ve just modified a 8MB pic and on saving it dropped to 2.2. I want to print a 9x12 but now concerned about the loss of resolution. Please advise.

Hi Philip,

Check-out the parameters you used in your Export selection - - It’s quite possible that you specified an output quality less than 100%.
… eg. DxO_JPG
Regards, John M

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Is that your file size?


1 is source a 8bit jpeg or 16bit tiff or rawfile?
2 which resolution , pixel highed and wided, is shown in dxo of source file?
3 and of the exported jpeg?

File size isn’t allone pixelcount, it’s also colordepth, a tiff 16bit is larger then the rawfile for instance.
A 100% jpeg export over 95% is much file expansion but less visible Image Quality improvement.
So optimum export value is 95%.

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