Losing lens data

I took two Canon CR2 files into ON1 to merge with masking to remove a flaw. I exported the result as both a TIFF and a PNG. OK, so the PNG doesn’t show in PhotoLab but the TIFF does but the Lens data is missing. All the other EXIF information is showing, focal length, aperture, exposure time, ISO, etc. Why did it get lost? Would I have to edit the EXIF data manually to get the lens data back into the image?

PS, can that be done in DxO? if not, what would be the best way?

You could use exiftool to copy EXIF information from one of the original files to the composite generated by On1 before you open it in PL.

Well, I got exiftool and it shows the TIFF file’s EXIF data contains the LensModel data, the same as the original CR2 file. Is there something in PhotoLab that I need to activate to have it display that data too? I checked and TIFF files created by PhotoLab do show the Lens data in Photolab. Is this a known bug?

Hello @markui,

  • When an image is modified by a third-party application the lens data can be lost in PL and this is expected. You can provide us with your TIFF image and we will analyze it to see if it’'s a bug or not. Btw, why don’t you modify your CR2 files exactly in PhotoLab?

Svetlana G.

The modification involves stacking two images and masking parts of one to create a composite result that is then saved as a new TIFF. IF PL could do this, I would not have to use an external application. The new image is rather big so I would have to reduce it before sending. Where do you want me to send it?

  • Okay, got it. Yes, PL can’t do that for now.
  • You can upload it to upload.dxo.com under your name instead of “support ticket number” and let me know when ready. I’d suggest you to provide me pure tiff without any resizing as it can influence the investigation.

Svetlana G.

The file 2019-08-10-17-34-09b2.tif is being sent. In case I did something wrong the first time, I redid the edit but got the same result. The Len data is still missing while the rest of the EXIF data is displayed.

Thanks for investigating

Good morning,

Thank you. I’ve received the file. We’ll make an analysis.

Update: The file you uploaded is corrupted - I can’t open it by any viewer. Can you, please, redo the upload?

Thank you

Svetlana G.

Ok, uploading 2019-08-10-17-34-09b3.tif now. Done
I checked in Irfanview and it can see the Lens type, PL doesn’t.

Thank you! Now the image is ok. I’ve sent it to the image data team for the analysis.

Update: here is the reply from the Image data team:
“There is no MakerNotes tag in the sample image. So, LensInfo tag is not set and CafMatching is not done. That is why nothing is shown in PL.”
So in some words to have the CafMatching the lens data should also be kept in MakerNotes but it’s removed by your third-party app.

Svetlana G.

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