Long filename post faces '-EXT_DxO_DeepPRIME'

PureRAW is a relatively new software, so I am sure there will be many improvements over time. One of them should be the possibility to change the post faces of the processed filename. These eighteen characters ‘-EXT_DxO_DeepPRIME’ are, in my eyes exaggerate.

For the meantime, I wrote a short script for Windows users to rename these for a whole directory.

Put the following code into a batch file (e.g. ren-dxo-prime.bat)

for %%f in (*.dng) do (
set filename=%%f
@set filename=!filename:-RAW_DxO_DeepPRIME=_DP!
@ren %%f !filename!

Place the batch file in the corresponding directory and run it.

  • You will have to replace the letters RAW by the corresponding file extension of your raw files, I use a Nikon camera, so it is NEF.

  • If you want to rename not only dng files, change (*.dng) to (*.*)

  • The batch changes the post faces to _DP, of course you can change this to whatever you like.

have fun

ren-dxo-prime.zip (266 Bytes)

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Indeed, PureRaw filenames are as inflexible as the conversion itself…

Maybe DxO will add a possibility to influence the output file names in a future release…