Long Exposure Fixer

I Find that doing long exposures always shows hot-pixels and they are a pain to remove. It Would be great to add in denoise.
It also happens on higher ISO with moderate exposures of 5 sec.

Camera’s I have used that have this problem include: D800e, D810, A7R, A7RII, 5DsR

Don’t all of those cameras have a ‘long exposure NR’ setting?

Yes they do. but it doesn’t work in the field. If you do a 15 min exposure you have to wait another 15 to let it do it’s thing… (black frame subtraction) and then they are still there.
I know I am not the only one with this problem, there has been lot’s of talk on the fora about this.

Understood… which is one reason I sometimes choose to map them out manually. But without the dark map, how is the software to know which pixels are hot?

Is there other SW that does this correctly?

No, and that is the point exaclty!
There must be someway to determine what they are. They are easy to spot with the eye, so why not software.

Anyway, this is like a feature request list and I would like to see this.

There is a lot of complexity here. They may seem easy to spot with the eye, but what if it’s two bright pixels next to each other? How does the software know that those are hot pixels and not just a star? This is a real problem for astrophotography, from what I’ve read. And as for manually doing the dark frame subtraction, it still makes sense to do this with software, rather than in-camera, as you only need to take the dark frame once (well, in theory – temperature variations may make differences), and I kind of question if you need a 15 min dark frame to match the 15 min. exposure. I might want to shortcut the dark frame process (to save time).

Anyway, this seems like a feature better suited for DxO Photo Lab, which already has a hot pixel removal mode, BTW.

For shorter exposures (seconds, not minutes), I simply use the camera’s dark-frame NR mode. But when you’re taking minutes of exposure (which I used to do a lot for astrophotography), it’s a problem.

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