Login required just to see the forums?

unlike before, I now need to log in just to see the forums at all. Without being logged in, there’s only a blank page asking to login (or register).

Is that an intentional change (if so, for which reason?) or a bug?



I just tested and you are right.
It appears not to be a bug. A misconfiguration perhaps but DxO team need to chime in.

A bit sad if an account will be needed to read it.

Perhaps the app software doesn’t support guest browsing.


Indeed, we can only see the forum after a log-in.

Sounds like a good way to keep spammer away if you need to be login.

A spammer as in a spam posting user would need to be logged in to fulfil its spamming duty anyway - no matter if non logged in browsing is allowed or not.

The forced multi factor auth is far more powerful in both protecting a user account as it is in restricting spam posts.

In my opinion - Restricting a non logged in user to participate would only increase the risk of losing a possible new customers interest.

I hope DxO could develop their thoughts about this.

There’s many forum that need to be logged in to read/write, some has minimal thread open for open browsing/non members. There’s so many places on internet to learn what and how a program work, I don’t see why that would push people away from registering, as it is free, but I get your point.

Hello guys,

I haven’t received any info about the changes. Let’s ask @gcalheiros to check with the web team.

Svetlana G.


Even more curious … the ‘Log Out’ button has now disappeared!
Earlier today if I clicked on my icon in the top left corner it was there at the bottom of the panel … now it’s gone and there doesn’t seem to be anyway to log-out??

Hello Ian,

quickly checked - I still have the log-out

What is this ?


I still have it.

Thank you Mark and Sigi
It’s definitely gone from where it was earlier today but found it under my name tab … thanks Mark for the screen shot.
This need to continually log-in and out is a bit of a pain … I hope it’s a glitch and not the future

I am on Firefox and nothing has changed for me.

I’m logged in all the time. Once I migrated over from the old user forum, (I can’t even remember how long ago that was) I have never had to logout or log back in. Perhaps that is because I read and post daily.


Hi !

To me it looks like an update, maybe automatic, to the forum operating system.
I suppose DxO uses the original system from here.
Let them find out what changed.

And also it is not nice at all when you want to share a discussion with a non-member like I did today.
In my case I do not create accounts and accounts just to read one thing.
Let the public part stay public please.

Thank you @sgospodarenko.


Which browser do you use ?
Safari does not propose anything. It is probably a new functionality of the Discourse forum code that is compatible with your browser. Maybe for notification system wide or something like this…

Yes. Notification system wide.
I am not convinced about the benefit.

I do not use them either.
I enjoy one place at a time :smile:


It definitely has changed since I visited last week. Today I could not even see the forum without logging in.
Sometimes my cursor is also not visible.