Login problem

When I connect to the site, I have to enter my credentials twice.
This is the case on all my pc.
Is it the same for you ?

Login to the DxO Forum works with entering credentials once only in my case.

I’m on Safari on macOS Mojave.

Thanks, for information i’m on Firefox on Win10

Chrome Browser on W10 remembers details and logs straight in. Guess it’s something local.

I have 2 cases, at home Firefox remember my login and at work I enter my login but it is the same thing each time I have to do it twice
And this is the only site and forum where I have this problem

If you set the browser tab to incognito and then login.
Do the same double login procedure occur?

I once had this problem with another site. Try clearing the browser cache, temporary files, or cookies.

With firefox I tried with private mode and no change.
Each time firefox closed, it automatically deletes cache, temporary files, or cookies…

Since today, when I connect to the site, it works I have to enter my credentials only once.
Has there been a change ?

Since today, when I connect to the site, it works I have to enter my credentials only once.
Has there been a change ?

I was wondering the same thing. This morning when i used my favorites bar to go to the website, I just got a blank white page. I had to use google to find that the URL had changed from dxoforum.com to forum.dxo.com. I had to use the new URL to find the forums. I’ve never had any problems logging in and didn’t have any with the new URL either. Also the appearance of the forum pages has changed slightly listing dates with every post. Has the forum been updated?

Last night I found that though the forum was visible it had logged me out…something I don’t recall happening before (Note ~ I have in the past cleaned my cookies cache and that caused a log out)

But unlike any other forum the ‘password reset’ system is oddly different in that the email has, as usual, a link but the page it took me to had a single field rather than the typical(?) two fields of enter and confirm and my initial password was “too short” but with no indication of the minimum length required.

So, just what changed as I do not recall what the URL was re: some members saying it had altered.

Sorry if I have missed a fulsome explanation somewhere above but maybe the DXO community forum “management” should address this matter :slight_smile:

Hi there,
We update our services and servers on a regular basis. The last update was 72h ago.
This is why some of you may have experienced some issues with our forum in the last few days.
Everything should be back to normal now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


For me this was the solution since when I connect everything is back to normal.
I only enter my login once :grinning: :+1:

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Thanks for the info Steven.

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