Nikon D810 - 28mm - ISO 64 - f/10 - 1/20sec

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At first glance, I thought this was from your LF camera, but I see it’s your old D810 (now Helen’s camera?) Was this early morning, or late evening? Full size, there’s just one tiny thing that doesn’t belong. Maybe a UFO…

Is this someone’s home, or business, or ??

Lovely and peaceful photo, and you got perfect clouds. Which country were you in? Was it shot in color, then converted to B&W? If so, which tool did you select to convert it?

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This is the result of the editing techniques we have developed, which allow us to get that LF look, even from close inspection of a large print - mainly judicious use of the Fine Contrast tools.

We have both got D850s, with our old D810s in reserve with alternate lenses.

It was evening

If you mean the bright spot to the right, that is a mini-rainbow produced by a cloudburst descending from the cloud.

Darn! Just seen the dust bunny. I’ll fix that.

I believe it is someone’s holiday home.

Look up the place name with Google maps. Clue - we live near there.

You should know by now that all RAW images start out as colour, unless you fall for the Leica wallet emptying con

I do know that, but there are trick cameras that do strange things.

Even my Leica M10, set to B&W mode, creates color raw images. I can see them on my viewing screen in B&W, giving me a rough idea of what to expect. As to Leica’s wallet emptying devices, I don’t expect to ever buy another new Leica, and even the used ones are beyond my ability to afford. If Nikon doesn’t do anything to disturb my plans, my D780 will become my “forever camera”. For non-serious photography, anything goes, but my ancient Canon Pro-1 is pushing my limits way, way too far.

I didn’t want to say “dust spec” in the reply - I knew you would see it. I didn’t see it until I enlarged your post as much as I could, and looked around for details. My room is too bright to view that image properly - will look again tonight.

Not forgetting that this is a much reduced export of a 36Mpx image, so don’t expect to see much.

Or the Pentax K3 Monochrome.

Nice light in that shot. I have an overwhelming sense that it’s time to head home for tea before it gets dark.

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Thank you. I have another from the previous evening, where the sky was totally different…

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Perhaps it is because of the beautiful sky, but I find this image much more interesting. I like the way the small “island” at the right appears in front of the far off hills, and I love the clouds. The structure is a beautiful as ever.

When I click on your image, so it fills my screen, it looks SO much better, because I can see more.

Or, a trick I learned recently, at the top right of my PhotoLab screen, there is a “moon-shaped” thing to click on, which changes PhotoLab into “dark mode”, with a sun-shaped icon at the top right.

Now I can view @Joanna’s image properly!

Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 19.02.19


Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 19.02.46

The white framing around the image makes it difficult to see the dark parts of the image.
Switching to black framing, I can see the image so much better.

For PhotoLab, I’m going to make “dark mode” my default, if I can figure out a way to accomplish that.

Actually, this setting is not in PhotoLab. It is part of the DxO forums web page.

Oops, me confusabobbled… but yes, I was wrong.