Location & transfer of PL4 cache & database files?

This might be a newb-ish question, but where are PL4’s cache and database files stored? I want to move PL4 to another Mac, and I don’t want to have to rebuild previews and reindex the external drive on which my master image files reside.

user>Library>DxO Photolab v4

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I just tried to do the same and found I had to copy the contents of both:

~/Library/DxO PhotoLab v4
~/Library/Application Support/DxO PhotoLab v4

There’s also ~/Library/Caches/com.dxo.PhotoLab4, which is where the actual previews look to live.

As well as ~/Library/Preferences/com.dxo.*, but there are paths in one of the two plists (run plutil -p on them to see) so you might need to be a little careful about what you copy if paths on the new host are different.

There can also be other things that aren’t portable across hosts, and I don’t think DxO documents any of what you can move and what needs to be regenerated on a new host, so it’s all a bit experimental. If PL is robust about bad/unexpected config then it should do fine, otherwise maybe not. I haven’t stressed it enough to see. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I stopped when I got my projects back which was my main concern along with presets (adjustment and watermark).