Localisation Proposal (DPL5 in German)

ToneCurve has mixed language buttons:

Imo, it is okay to use Reset in both buttons. I’d prefer it over the truncated “Zurücks” :innocent:

Attn, @StevenL

In my translations, I use “rücksetzen”. Not a big fand of Denglish.

Even better: Use of a dedicated icon and a hover text, like in C1:

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I would even prefer „Zurücksetzen“. Although a bit lengthy.

In my Windows-version, it’s ok
But the suggestion from @JoJu would be good too (even with the problem to decide between one and all).

Not only two different developer teams but also two different language databases… :worried: double translation work, half the comprehension. Thanks for checking @wilsberg

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Oh yes! I really hope they will fix all the inconsistencies between Win and Mac someday (different menus, UI structure, labels, shortcuts,…). IMHO maintenance should also be easier then…