Local Edit Control Handle Hidden Under Settings Sliders

If I draw a linear gradient or control line such that the control handle (white circle) ends up underneath the edit slider overlay, I can not click on the control handle, for example to adjust the rotation of the gradient filter, because the click is intercepted by the sliders.

Is there anyway to temporarily hide the edit sliders to make these changes, or is the only workaround to resize the gradient to move the control handle elsewhere?

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→ press E to hide the sliders (E = equaliser)

well, yes I’m on Windows :slight_smile:

On Mac, it’s Shift-E :wink: and Shift-M switches the mask, which is handy to know too.

Note that keyboard shortcuts can be found trough DPL’s help menu.

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Welcome to the forum, Mark…

There are on-screen hints/tips too: image

John M

There are on-screen hints/tips too

Yes, and I usually switch them off, to not have another patch over my image…and have not looked for a way to switch them back on :grin:

That is great thanks!

I think I am going to spend some time reading through the manual some more. I have used PL for a while to process noisy images, but am trying to review whether or not to move completely from Capture One for all editing. As always, it takes significant time to get familiar enough with the interface and workflow to make a valid comparison.