Local corrections in a palette item

I absolutely love using DxO Photolab, but one thing I find really annoying is the way that the local corrections popup sometimes obscures the part of the image you are working on.

For example, I want to lay down a graduated mask but find that the popup has appeared over the handle for changing the size of the gradient. There are other similar problems with the other tools.

How about duplicating the sliders in a Local Adjustment palette and having the option to show one or other or both?

Old request for this palette
You can hide this help window with the “Close” button (if I remember the name corectly).


Hello @Joanna,

Well, if you speak about the Help panel - it can be hidden with ‘H’ shortcut or “Close” button. But I have the feeling that you are talking about the Equalizer with the sliders - then you can hide/show it with “E” shortcut whenever you want :wink: (by the way there is info about it in the Help panel along with some other functions).

And yes, a dedicated panel for LC was discussed long ago and it was decided to leave this modern way of the UI.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana. Thanks for the “E” shortcut - I hadn’t yet found that.

There is a minor bug with the help panel though…

As of version 2.2.3 build 36 (macOS) …

The “H” shortcut doesn’t seem to be working ; it now neither shows nor hides the panel. I have to click on the “?” in the middle of the tool to show the panel or the “x” on the panel to hide it. I think it worked the first time I pressed the “H” key but then, as a seasoned Mac developer, I did something possibly unexpected.

I have two local adjustments on the same image : one is a gradient, the other is a brush. I was already on the gradient tool but then I clicked on the brush tool ; the help panel changed context but, when I clicked back on the gradient tool, it didn’t change back and, since then, “H” doesn’t seem to work. (although this could be a poisson rouge)

Also, neither the help panel, nor the mask for the tool, appear to be context sensitive. If I click on the gradient tool for the first time, the gradient mask is shown but, when I click on the brush tool, the tool mask still remains that for the gradient. This seems to be consistent with the tool mask shown when you enter Réglages locaux defaulting to the last tool chosen before previously closing the Réglages locaux.

Although it might seem helpful to re-choose the last tool used when going into an image for the first time, it is quite a nuisance when you have to reselect the appropriate mask tool every time you select a different local adjustment tool.

To clarify : I go into an image, go into Réglages locaux, select the mask tool I want (gradient) and create a mask. Then I create a brush mask elsewhere in the image. Now I click back on the gradient mask and find that the mask tool is still the brush mask - until I right-click and reselect the gradient mask tool.

This re-selection should not be necessary. Clicking on a gradient mask adjustment should change the current mask tool to the the gradient mask tool, not leave it as the brush mask tool.

If you need any more info on this matter, let me know.

YES this is a normal behavior.

  • The brush mask complements the gradient mask
  • Same thing for the eraser who complements the gradient mask as well as the auto mask

Take a look on


Hmmm. I see what you mean. I guess it’s down to the way different people work. It’s a case of “if I had designed it…”, but then we can’t all get it right :rofl::joy::innocent::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Could you rewrite ?

The message or the software ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m guessing you mean the message…

What I was trying to say was that different people will use any tool you give them in different ways. I learnt this nearly thirty years ago when I started writing software, only to find that my beta testers could find all sorts of unexpected combinations of actions that would often end up crashing the app.

Good UI design is somewhat of an arcane and it is as subjective as a photograph ; some will love it, some will hate it, some will always think they could do it better. The end of my reply was meant to be a plaisanterie along those lines, not a criticism :smiley:

:frowning: I find the Equalizer in no way modern. Also they are hard to use. They work different from the palette sliders (up/down vs left/right, up/down arrow control vs number entry). I can’t see which slider has the focus for up/down arrow control. The grouping of sliders is different from the global palettes.

There are basically two user interface concepts in DxO PhotoLab. I hoped that this would be a temporary situation.

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That’s really what it is…

Hello @Joanna

Oups, you are on Mac. I gave you the functionality on Windows :slight_smile: As for Mac I’ve been told it’s only possible with the ‘cross’ button.

As for the other UI/behavior suggestions and issues let me ask the dedicated person to have a look at.
@akarlovsky could you, please assist?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

I have the same issue with the location of the EQ pallet.
A simple solution would be to arrange for it to pop up just outside and currently selected area.