Local Control - Adding Fine Tuning for White Balance

Have you in the same observation ? it is very hard to use White Balance or Green / Magenta Balance in Local Controls.
I would prefer a cursor working on the invert of others = near the cursor a fine tuning and far a large tuning.

Exemple : a photograph at 5200°K, a part need to be filtrated around 5000 °K. This only 200°K are very hard to do actually. Test it, you will see…

An other way could be a notched cursor gratuated from 2000 to 10000°K (or more) and a second cursor to adjust from -500 to + 500 °K around the notch selected previously.


Yes indeed, I’ve got the same problem as you do !
To address this I would also suggest keep the system as it is, but add a key that would disable the slider for a moment.
Example : press shift, click on the slider, move the mouse cursor away as needed : the slider is in a frozen state and doesn’t move anymore. Then release the shift key, and you can move again the slider by moving mouse cursor left/right.