Local Adjustments with Auto Mask - Need some help

Hello -

I’m wanting to apply selective darkening to an image using local adjustments, auto mask in particular. In a sample image, below, I tried to darken the sky. I selected a small size and began to paint in the lower EV. The edge detection did not work well on the clouds, but well along the length of the structure. Is there something wrong with my technique? I ensured that the inner circle did not touch anything but the blue of the sky.

I tried the same in On1 PhotoRaw and noticed that it handles the edges of all structures in the image very well. I’d hate to use On1 PR to have to accomplish what I want to do.


This is the kind of stuff I like to do: Work Sample

Any guidance is most appreciated.

–Thanks / Chris

Nothing wrong. It’s a know issue.
“On the other hand some neighboring areas of densities are not considered. it is necessary to insist again - see the eraser on the shoes at the end illustration.”
See this page

I replied to the request. But iI’m not sure this is the good method.
DPL propose all the tools to do this without Local Adjustments.


Thank you, Pascal. I actually followed your tutorial to get started. I guess that I’ll need to add the eraser to the process. Seems more tedious, but I’ll learn to work with it. It would be great if the tool worked cleaner.

I’m also reading the online manual.

—Rgds / Chris

What you could also try in the case with the sky is:

  • Viveza, and set a U-point on the sky
  • or Color Efex Pro and look at the landscape options


Hi Sigi -

I will give your suggestions a try. Much appreciated.

–Rgds / Chris