Local Adjustments User Interface: a mini survey is waiting for you ;-)

Hi everyone!

Would you mind taking this mini survey about the “Local Adjustments user interface” (you know, the equalizer…)? We’d like to have your feedback!

IMPORTANT: even if it’s 100% anonymous (we do not collect any email addresses), you’ll need to be logged in with your Gmail account. This is to limit 1 entry per user :wink:

Thank you!
Steven L.

@StevenL, your survey asks for a google account…

Hi Platypus,
It’s because the survey requires to be logged with your Gmail account (preventing a user to take the survey more than once :wink:

I hope this helps!
Please, let me know!

I have no google account.

Ah, that’s unfortunate. You could make one (it’s free and easy to do) and just use it for this kind of things (online surveys, newsletter subscriptions and so on…). This is what I do: my work/personal addresses stay personal, and for all the rest I use a “disposable” Gmail account…

Use Doodle to make the survey and this constraint will be removed.

I have my own email domains, which are well managed and virtually spam free. Why would I want to add something that gives Google any information, just for one survey?

Why can’t you just post the questions here?

I guess this is to do some automatic counting in a Google Sheet (spreadsheet). Google Forms automatically transfer results into a Google Sheet.

Hi Joanna,

I need consolidated data for this kind of survey, without collecting individual entries from a blog post…
BTW, I also use my own email addresses (personal + work), and that’s why I only use disposable emails for all the rest…(for this particular case I use a Gmail account: free and a lot of space: perfect).

Steven, you could also look there : https://surveyplanet.com/ .

Or there : https://freeonlinesurveys.com/

I guess you could also make the Google Form public. Only the members of this forum will have the link anyway.

I just submitted mine with some suggestions. I like where this is going.


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Sorry, Google like to collect too much information out of you.

I’d take the survey but all I would ask is the ability to move the adjustment panel freely and a colour picker for the HSL, but this has already been asked.

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I can see the questions without an account.

Here are my responses :

Question 1 - 2 poor

  • adjusting sliders can be fiddly (no fine adjustment like sliders in normal palette)
  • equaliser can get in way with small local adjustments

Question 2 - Yes

  • adding the sliders to the local adjustments palette would be logical

Thanks for your involvement Mark!

Thanks Joanna,



Here’s my response
Q1: 3 (average) at best

  • no overlay please
  • sliders are not easily adjustable


  • separate panel but probably not in the existing LA panel. Maybe like Lightroom, with its second best implementation (never liked it too much but got used to it). Repurpose existing tools, link existing functions into the new panel so that their functionality can be used in LA (layers)

Thanks Platypus!

I’ve replied in line.
I got it right ?