Local Adjustments tool bar for Windows version

Love PL. And have tried many others (that I did not like!).

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Hi Nikki

Thanks for re-raising the issue of the Windows missing sub-pallette for Local Adjustments. This problem was highlighted some time back (Photolab 3) but unfortunately never incorporated. Whilst the ‘Shortcuts’ panel is helpful it does rely on Windows users resorting to the keyboard. As this panel opens in a fixed position and cannot moved it almost always covers a portion of the image on smaller screens.


Exactly what I have found and have commented on. The fixed position makes it useless.

Amazed that it would be hard to make the tool bar appear in Windows as it does on a Mac. Actually very annoying.

Meanwhile, Nikki - you could use the LA tool that you’ll find on the palette …

John M

Yeah. Definitely harder to use.