Local adjustments problem with last update

Some days ago I upgraded Pl to the last 6.10.1 build 58 release - MAC version.
After that, using the local adjustmet, the edit panel doesn’t show the numbers over the bars anymore.
The numbers were very useful for a precise reference and now I can refer only to the approximative bars.
What kind of “upgrade” is this?
Is there a way to downgrade to the previus version?


Welcome to the forum, @Otis

What bar and numbers are you writing about?
Please add a screenshot to illustrate.

Senza nome 2
This is the local adjustments panel that has problems. Then I found the previous version in the downlod folder, I downgraded but the problem remains: no numbers when moving the cursors.

Checked with the latest releases of PhotoLab versions 5 and 6. Both show the numbers below the sliders and only while the pointer is on the slider. If they still don’t show in your case, I’d get in touch with support.dxo.com.



For any problem related to the display I’ll verify if the drivers of the graphics card are up to date.

Apple M1 is a sock so it does not have a graphic card, however I upgraded to Sonoma in these days and iti could be the problem.


Apple Silicon SOCs do have GPU cores as well as the neural engines that speed up PhotoLab exports considerably, specially when DeepPRIME or DeepPRIME XD are applied.

It’s all on the chip, so there is no (discrete) graphic card indeed.

I had tested PhotoLab versions 5 and up on macOS Sonoma beta releases on a M1 MacBook Air 2020 - and all versions worked and performed as expected.

I think that I’ll contact the support