Local adjustments performance increase (and highlight issue fixed) with 7.5 update

Since updating to 7.5, the local adjustments have substantially increased in performance.

Both CPU and GPU now show higher use than before*. My system: Windows 10, i7-9700k, RTX3070, 32GB RAM. Files are 32MP CR3.

Would be interested in how it runs for @Kyosato (with your Threadripper and RTX4090).


*CPU all cores peak and GPU up to around 50% when making adjustments and results showing instantly (milliseconds delay).

It works with multiple masks including automasks touched up with the eraser… duplicated, inverted… so far I have not been able to break it with adjustments that don’t make sense from an editing perspective.

I did have to do a clean re-install, as just doing the update like I had previously, resulted in some weird behaviour – Masks could not be hidden on unedited images that had no LA applied before. It did work on images that had local adjustments applied previously. Now the option to show/hide the masks, appears as soon as an adjustment has been made after creating a mask.

Although I had not encountered the issue with any of my photos, images shared by other users that had problems with highlights no longer show these problems for me.