Local Adjustments Mod suggestion

I have a suggestion for an addition to the sliders available in Local Adjustments: the Selective Tone sliders. Yes, for all of them, that would be four more sliders, for highlights, midtones, shadows, and blacks. I have some photos for which just reducing exposure and contrast in Local Adjustments are not quite enough.

Adding noise reduction as well might be nice but I’m not sure how easy that would be.


Thank you for the suggestion. They are already available for the Beta users :wink: So after the tests they will be delivered to the public users. Stay tuned.

Svetlana G.


Ah good news,

will we get an implementation with a very long equalizer, or will the equalizer be removed in the long run, as the number of the slider will grow over time? The inplace equalizer concept is not scaleable from my point of view.

Oh, you should be patient :wink: But the only thing I can tell you now is that it won’t be a long equalizer.

Svetlana G.

Sounds good.

A good approach would be to have a “Layers” panel like in Affinity Photo or Photoshop. The user could:

  • Add a layer
  • Give the layer a name
  • Toggle the layer on and off to see the effect of the adjustment
  • Set the opacity of the layer
  • Display the U-point luminosity mask for a U-point layer

The equalizer sliders could be removed and the user could:

  1. Use the default sliders instead
  2. Have a special panel with local adjustment sliders, like it is done in LR.

Something like that. :slight_smile:

Hmm, IMHO adding layers would depart from the purely parametric editing model that PL (and OP before it) employs. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, well – I kind of like it without layers right now.

If one wanted to become a beta tester, how would that work? Just ask? Speak French :grin: ?

We have layers already, they are only called differently. You can see every local adjustment as a layer, what you draw or define using U-points is a layer mask. A layer panel would only help to better organize the “layers”. The layers definitions remain purely parametric. The view has nothing todo with the underlying model.

Concerning becoming a better tester, I asked also. But it seems that there is the hollywood principle active: “Don’t call us, we will call you” :slight_smile:

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:,

Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. About this one:

It’s not necessary to speak French :wink: You can send a request to Bruno bsayakhom@dxo.com with some words about your reasons, skills, experience and the amount of time you can spend on testing. And he will decide.

Good luck!

Svetlana G.