Local adjustments keyboard shortcuts

Hi, I am new to DxO PhotoLab and I have a question: are there any keyboard shortcuts to enter specific local adjustments tool?

It would be great to click for example “B” or “Ctrl/Cmd + B” and have the brush tool, “G” / “Ctrl/Cmd + G” to have graduated filter and so on… This would be a real timesaver for me :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find any of this in documentation nor forum, so can you guys help me a bit? :wink:
Thanks in advance, M.

Menus & Keyboard shortcuts here.

I looked it up in “Keyboard shortcuts” section, but there is no such thing as I described.

Not yet :frowning:
You can vote for :wink:



There are no keyboard shortcuts for Local correction tools for now, only for some GUI and the info you can see in the LC help window:


Pascal is correct, vote for it if you want it to be implemented.

Svetlana G.

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:
Voted :smiley:


What is the shortcut to bring up what is shown in your screenshot?

Good morning,

You mean the the Help pop-up? Just press “H” on the keyboard or select it from the menu:


Svetlana G.

Yeah, the box pops up, but is not movable so it sits in the way on top of the photo you are working on.
Much more useful feature as implemented in the Mac version. Would be nice to fix this in Windows. Kind of a big factor in using Local Adjustments.