Local adjustments for ViewPoint

It would be helpful if VP would allow us to select an area within the picture frame for making force-parallel, rectangle, and 8-points adjustments but that would leave the the remainder of the image (ie, the unselected areas) unchanged. (Currently, the force-parallel, rectangle, and 8-points adjustments operate globally within the picture frame.) Making those changes local, rather than global, would give us great freedom to manipulate the space within the image frame.

I can’t picture how that would work effectively without causing distortion as the modified local area transitions to the unmodified area of the image.


Hi Mark. Imagine a kitchen table across which several dozen photographs are scattered. In each photograph, various objects are represented in various spatial relationships, but the spatial relationships that are represented in any one photo are independent of the relationships represented in the others. In my photos, I would like to be able to creatively alter spatial relationships in various ways. (Such capabilities are available in some photo editing apps. For example, in Affinity Photo, there are numerous ways to alter spatial relationships within a photo, either globally or locally, although to my knowledge, it’s not possible to do in Affinity what you can do using ViewPoint.)

Your force parallel sound like “liquify” of AP which PL doesn’t do, also AP doesn’t have perspective correction but VP do (that’s what it do).

My primary tools are DxO’s PL3, FilmPack, VP, and Nik (particularly Nik’s Silver Efex Pro). I think of Affinity primarily as a “special effects” editor (particularly some filters in AP’s “Distort” menu). I also use Affinity for setting the black and white points (which, oddly, PL3 cannot do), and I use AP’s inpainting tool (which I prefer to PL3’s tool). I also sometimes use AP for making frames, when I want a tinted frame (otherwise I’m happy with the frame function in FilmPack). A couple of days ago I edited a photo that I thought turned out well, but it would have been a bit better had I been able to adjust the perspective (using VP) on only the left-side third of the photo (ie, I would have liked to have made a local adjustment using VP).