Local adjustments don't rotate with horizon adjustment

Hi. I was working on an image and did some local adjustments, realizing afterwards that the image needed straightening. When I used the horizon tool to straighten, the local adjustments are not rotated accordingly. I’m sure that isn’t expected behavior, right?

In some cases, repositioning the mask would perhaps be ok, but in the case of a very precise mask (or need for a strong horizon correction), the mask would still not work as it would need to actually rotate as well as simply being repositioned on x,y axis.


Unfortunately, yes, that’s a known issue.
You’ll need to make geometric adjustments before applying Local Adjustments.

John M



Yep, @John-M said everything and I have nothing to add. It goes with any geometry corrections like Horizon, Perspective etc, you just need to apply them before.

Svetlana G.

ok. Now I know. Thank you both for filling me in. Bummer though. I’d prefer to work an image a bit before doing that kind of stuff.

@sgospodarenko and are you working on this issue? - Maybe just a warning if there are local adjustments and a geometry correction is done afterwards?

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It makes sense to me to do any geometric corrections first; as I want to get have a good idea of the merit/worth of the image before I commit to spending extra time applying local adjustments.

Have said that; I was caught out by this too before I understood the dependency - tho, I no longer give it a 2nd thought (for reason above).



There was a long discussion about this a number of months back. Since Svetlana said she has nothing to add, I’m guessing that at best it’s somewhere in the backlog. While it may be addressed at some point, I would not hold my breath waiting for it to happen. You’re just going to have to get used to the idea that geometric changes should be done first.



I agree with @John-M and @mwsilvers.

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Absolutely, as there is a logical work around I wouldn’t expect the improvement soon as there are a lot more important features coming. I can confirm that it’s in the backlog but the priority is not high.

Svetlana G.


I would say the same thing in reverse. In fact, it seems to me readily apparent when an image can be fixed geometrically, but not so in the more intricate details, therefore I desire to see if working the details will give me the necessary results before bothering with the geometry.

To each his own, I guess.

The need to perform the geometry first really shouldn’t be a hardship for anyone. However, not knowing that it should be done first could create an annoying problem for someone who has spent a lot of effort with multiple local adjustment masks only to find that after a perspective change, or an horizon change, all of them will have to be adjusted or redone


I’d like to agree, but since it should be a rather arbitrary implementation that is a head scratcher as to how it was overlooked, and for the fact that I’m running PL on a Mac where, apparently, performance ins’t as good as Windows, I try to keep heavier, less necessary / pressing adjustments to the final stage in order to minimize redraw lag, I hope that my voice may nudge developers to put a little more focus on this issue than might otherwise seem warranted. Although, I’d definitely take multiple HSL and curve adjustments in local adjustments (layers) ahead of just about anything :wink:

Changing things so the masks rotate with the horizon is probably doable with some effort, but changing the masks to coincide with a perspective change would, I imagine, require significantly more effort since the shapes of multiple masks would have to change, and the masks would have move to coincide with the shift in perspective. The same would be true for lens distortion. I will test the current impact of those changes after local adjustments are applied.


je viens de changer de Nikon avec le DX750, je travaille avec les fichiers NEF, mais votre logiciel affiche “erreur de chargement” pour le jpg c’est OK.
avec mon ancien D700 je n’avais pas de problème.
merci de votre aide
cordialement claude quéruel
en français SVP

Bienvenue Quéruel,

Je suis désolé que vous ayez des difficultés, mais je ne comprends pas comment votre problème est lié à la question de la rotation des ajustements locaux. Peut-être devriez-vous envisager de commencer votre propre sujet.


Une précision : DX750 ? Ne serait-ce pas le D750 ?
Si c’est le cas il est bien supporté donc il faudrait être plus explicite.

mwsilvers a raison : il aurait été préférable de créer un fil spécifique pour cette question plutôt que de se greffer sur un autre n’ayant pas de rapport avec le problème

I just ran into this issue. I edited dozens of images and wanted to just to some slights adjustments to the horizon. It messed unfortunately all the local adjustments up. Now the only way for me to fix this is to export the images, and then do the adjustments afterwards. I honestly think that this basic functionality should really be fixed.

I also have discovered this issue as I would had hoped that local adjustments would follow ‘in place’ if I subsequently decided to finesse the geometry.

A warning to anyone who might try this: if you try to use the mesh warp tool in Viewpoint 4 after local adjustments, Photolab crashes. I had made some local adjustments then decided to stretch some clouds to better fill my cropped frame (a great use of the tool imho). Bang, it crashed with a few re-attempts also crashing unil I deleted All the local adjustments.

David McA

It’s always a good idea to do all geometry adjustments first then all local adjustments and retouching last.


I don’t disagree though I think it should be made clearer to customers. Whether and where you should or shouldn’t modify geometry is a point for discussion and a matter of personal preference. Requiring you to do so before local adjustments in your workflow is product functionality and should be communicated so as to avoid frustration due to not being aware of the limitation.