Local Adjustments – Control Points not available

I’ve noticed with the latest batch of photos I have been working on that sometimes I cannot seem to select Control Points in the Local Adjustments tool. Are there specific conditions under which they are not available?

When I right-click on the photo, I can select any of the tools except Control Point or Eraser…


…which you can see are greyed out. The names appear when I hover my mouse over them but clicking achieves nothing. I know I used Control Points earlier today on different photos but I’ve just had three photos in a row where I could not choose them.

I can often get by with Auto Mask, but I really wish I could use Control Points always.

Hi @zkarj ,

the only situation I noticed it was by setting a control point with some adjustments, inverting this point and then make a right click into the photo. Maybe this helps you.

This is happening on photos that have no Local Adjustments applied. I even tried resetting via both the arrow on the selector and the button in the toolbar at the bottom.

Interestingly, after a lot of experimentation, nothing seems to affect it except quitting the app and relaunching it.