Local adjustments can be extremely slow (PhotoLab 4)

For one of my images, moving a control point around is extremely slow. I’d worked on the image before in PhotoLab 2, but haven’t touched it since. Now I’ve moved the image and its sidecar to another folder. I zoom in to 100%, create a control point on the subject’s face, and try to resize it or move it to another location. Whether the test image is by itself in a folder or stored with many other images, PhotoLab 4’s performance during these tasks is incredibly poor. So far, I’m not having this problem with other images from the same batch.

Applying adjustments using the control point’s equalizer is only a little slow. The problem might be isolated to dragging and resizing operations.

The .ORF RAW file and its sidecar have been uploaded under my username. The control point I created is on the bird in the photo. Please have a look. Thanks!

Hello Greg,

Well, I do not have the delay at all either with moving/resizing or with the sliders modification:

So I need your logs. Please, attach them here or via upload dxo.com

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Thanks, Svetlana. I’ve just rebooted and tried again. At first, using the test image in a folder by itself, the problem had gone away. But then I went back to the original folder and made a virtual copy of the image (which now has numerous local adjustments applied). Moving that control point around started to slow down - not as much as before, but noticeably stuttering. I’ve uploaded the logs showing activity from yesterday and today. Hopefully not too much to wade through: I started this discussion topic right after discovering the problem - 12:07 PM in my timezone.

Good morning Greg,

Thank you, I’ve got your logs. One more request, could you please, do a short video of slow LC in order I can attach it to the issue (you can use a free ShareX program if you need one).

Thank you
Svetlana G.

While I can no longer reproduce the extremely slow and jerky movement I was originally seeing, there is still a trace of this when there are multiple local adjustments in place. I’ve uploaded the video to the server, for what it’s worth. Thanks for working on the problem!

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Thank you, Greg. I’m creating a ticket.

Svetlana G.

Hello @Egregius,

Could you please check this issue in DxO PhotoLab 5 EA 7? We implemented some performance improvements there. However, I’m not 100% sure that they improve your scenario.


Thanks, @alex - my initial tests don’t show any slowness. I’ll be traveling for the next two weeks and will test this some more when I return.

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Two weeks? We will miss your insights.


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Thank you for that, Mark! Don’t be surprised if I still post here while away. It isn’t as easy for me to take a vacation from the Internet as it is to get away from home and work once in a while. :rofl: But I will be trying to catch up on leisure book reading when I’m not on the go. Real paper books!