Local Adjustments: Auto Mask vs. Brush


Can somebody explain the differences between “Auto Mask” and “Brush” in Local Adjustments ?

I have been researching this, and doing tests, but I cannot see exactly what are the differences. They both look like “brushes”, but “Auto Mask” seems to be something more.


With the brush, the adjustments are applied to the entire area of the mask, while with the auto mask detects contours in the area to apply adjustments more precisely.

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Thanks, I was watching “DxO PhotoLab - How to Make Local Adjustments Using Automask in DxO PhotoLab” on YouTube by “Photo Blue”, and it seemed like that was at least part of it.

Thanks !

Automask takes object borders into account to control the area to be adjusted.



Basically so called auto mask just gives more edge nearness to your regular brush. Kind of like Quick selection tool in Photoshop. You get two circles on your brush, the one in the middle, the smaller one is for what you want to select, and the bigger circle around it is where the brush will detect edges and tried to mask according to the edges. So you paint close to the edge of the thing you want to select and you keep the bigger circle crossing over the edges, the in between era , allow the “auto mask” to auto detect what might be an edge based on contrast and color differences. It can be not the quickest tool to use, but useful when you want to select something you would otherwise have a problem with.

Here is what the manual says: Edit pictures with the Customize tab – PhotoLab

And here is my quick and dirty example. In case you want to select something like a vase in a busy background or something.

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