Local adjustment sliders - type-ins?

With the global sliders, the sliders can be brought to a chosen value by typing in the value. Is there a similar feature in local adjustments in PL5, patched to 5.1.2?

I read about how to get a vernier effect with the sliders. Being able to jump directly to a value, without sliding around, sure would be nice.

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No, not yet – all you can do is to click on a LA slider and while holding the mouse down ‘pull it out’ to the side. The further you pull out the slower the adjustments. Try it – needs some exercise. :slight_smile:

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I’m trying it - sure does take a lot of effort compared to just typing two numbers, though. [grumble, grumble]


I’d suggest to use some high speed teflon sliders under your mouse, probably some cold packs around your wrist while marathon mousing, just to avoid the worst effects off carpal tunnel syndrome. But probably you have to just get accustomed to the fact that tint setting to 32.478 instead of 33.167 can give you a slight disadvantage towards the other participants in the mouse race. With a little bit of luck they are also doomed to play with using DxO PL and don’t know about the big mouse gesture - or simply didn’t invest in a 4 m² table? Ha!

I (wisely, or unwisely) use a trackball. No issues with carpal tunnel. My thumb, however, obligingly points out the problems associated with arthritis.

DxO let slip there’s a mind-meld interface coming to PL5. The relevant page is no longer available - 404 when trying to access “Our Hyper-secret Plans”. However, I recall the interface release will be April 1st.

You do realise the significance of the date? :wink:

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[back of hand to brow, and wearing a most melodramatic of despair and suffering]

Oh! Oh! How could I be so blind as to miss that I was lead, trusting all on the Internet, so far a-stray? Oh! I shall die a sad and lonely death of misery and mortification! Despair is all I see. Oh!

Or… d’ya think there’s a connection? LOL LOL

(Anyone who can’t figure out I’m doing anything to avoid work demands is a sandwich shy of a picnic)

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