Local adjustment : Reset mask area while preserving equalizer settings

After pasting global and local adjustments from another image, it would be useful to keep only the adjustments settings and starting over with defining the applicable area of the image.
This would be especially useful for the control points and the brush tools.

Hello @pierre5018,

But it’s already possible. You can copy all corrections but paste only Local or only Global:

Svetlana G.

I think he means you brush a area in image 1, make the adjustments and copy them to image 2.
Then delete the masked area copied in image 2 wile keeping the adjustmentsettings to draw/brush a new mask wile you can copy the settings in that new mask.

As far is i know now it’s almost the same:
Copy the masked area to image 2 and use erasor and brush to modify masked area to repaint the mask to your liking.

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Completely erasing the brushed area should be offered as a kquick and easy operation.

With the control point tool, erasing all interconnected control points of a unique mask would be very useful. I have sometimes created tens of interconnected control points in a mask, and deleting them is tedious.

Like this one? :grin:

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