Local Adjustment Proposal: Show if mask is inverted

As of DPL 3, I can invert a mask in the LA/Layer panel.

I propose that the panel also showed if a mask is inverted or not.

this should be added with the ability to rename the mask!

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…and duplicate a mask!


Yes, that too!

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Hi platypus!

Not wanting to hijack this thread but your request really pulled into focus the “moniker” for the current state of affairs with the masking - we’ve definitely taken a step forward with v3 but I am surprised that some basic masking features didn’t make it… in short masking is still not a “fledged” feature. :owl:

I never would have imagined that there would be no indication in the interface of whether a mask was inverted… or naming the layers …or duplicating them.

Wish I had votes!

Clearly local adjustments is an unfinished product, but, the ability to turn individual or all masks on and off at will, and the ability to individually control opacity for each mask is a big step. I suspect naming the layers and letting us know which mask is inverted will come.

What is more exciting to me is that for the first time we have a pallet for local adjustments with an adjustment slider in it. That means that eventually all the sliders could potentially be manipulated from within a pallet and we can rid ourselves of the current adjustment scheme copied over from the Nik collection, and make local adjustment sliders consistent with global adjustments. Or we could perhaps select either set of sliders which could be useful when the palettes are closed. Like with the opacity slider, all the local adjustment pallete sliders could automatically change their values depending on which mask is selected.

It also opens up the possibility that when we are in local adjustment mode other adjustment sliders could be made to operate in local mode, like the color wheel. The possibilities are endless once the interface is in place and local adjustments may move closer and closer to more fully functional layers.



I have no problem when you (all) pour in your ideas provided that DxO picks up all ideas that are added over time.

An other caveat might be that votes might be unclear or lost unless the votes be applied to all requests that add up over time.

I’m fairly confident that layer functionality will increase. :grin:

Hi everyone !

Just to clarifiy some topics that has been mentionned in this thread :

  • Layer renaming => it’s coming

  • Duplicate layer => same… it will come with the renaming feature if everything goes smooth.

  • Invert mask status => here, there’s a misunderstanding of the feature itself.
    At the moment, the inversion of the selected mask is an action, not a state, as you would do an “invert” command in Photoshop. The only part that doesn’t work properly at the moment, and could(would?) need this inversion status is with Control points.
    With this specific tool we came to a dead-end related to its intrinsic behaviour : a control point defines an area, inverting it means it would shift to a Neutral point, and have all the rest of the image affected… which is something that doesn’t translate into a counterpart control point dealing with the global image…

Hope it helps :wink:

Best regards,
The DxO Team


…this is basically what we’d like: A mask applied to the complete picture excluding the area that is defined by the “inverted” mask. It could work like this: Add a mask A, duplicate the new mask and invert it to get Mask B. Te intention is to be able to apply a different set of settings to the area of masks A and B so that the two masks cross over like this: A_X_B (the X means that the feathers of both masks shift from A to B in a way to leave no overlap or gap.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “invert…in Photoshop”? In PS, I can invert colours and masks, the latter being close to what I mean here…


I think your “Mask A” & “Mask B” example is what we will be able to do with being able to duplicate a mask.


I know that You do not like to make promises on planned new features… but as a general estimate will this mask upgrade occur before v4? Merci!

Control points inverting means effect everything but the color characteristics/content of the “pupil”. So it becomes a negative or neutral.
That can be interesting if you like to neutralize one specific color and adjust all other things around that equaly by algorithm of a controlpoint. But i think controlpooints are about adjusting a certain color acros the image which effectingarea is defined by the outer circle.

Is it possible to make a " neutralizing mask" which we can use to block a edged area from effects of the controlpoints? Not a counter upoint like a negative controlpoint which use the same selecting critertia as a controlpoint but a real “fence” to stop any local correction.

Then you can use it as a erasor like in the blue mask types. Select a sharp edged area which is outselected from adjusting settings of the controlpoints.

It’s just a thought, no clue if its possible to realize. :blush:

I’m surprised or I don’t undersatnd your idea.
What more than Protection Point in your proposition ?

As a general principle I see a confusion in this feature.
In my usage, I prefer to use (more performant) global corrections for the subjet and keep LA for other thing.

Say you build controlpoints around a multicolored object and use controlpoints to change suroundings colors. This also effects the object. And you need to use negatives to avoid that.
For every selected colorgroup(pupil) of an controlpoint, that gonabe crowed with circles.
So when i have a neutralize mask i can paint that object and say non of the controlpoints influence this area. Job done. I only have active controlpoints around my object to edit the image and my neutralized area keeps " uneffected".

It’s just a mind buble, popping up, so maybe it’s useless or pointless and is already covered by other tools.

That is I understand when I read, that for some, Control Point are panacea :astonished:

Are you sure Control points are the good tool to do this job ?
There are three other masks for LA.


What means panacea?

And controlpoints are complicated so yes i can’t say it’s a propesition which will hold against judgement but a general inverted controlpoint is not a negative, more a effect every color except the one selected inside the pupil. Atleast i think that’s the way it behaves.

I think we need to get more knowledge about what we have first before we push forward.
As i said before, it’s not well thought and tested proposal only something i came up with as a extra control.
Edit, the other local adjustment mask are edged painted so more easy to invert. Ok one other isn’t the partial thingy (name?)
Having a mask which works as a erasor/ neutralised area can be helpfull. That’s all.


A panacea refers to a general solution to a range of. problems. In the original Greek, I believe it refered to a a cure or remedy for a number of diseases. Example: The UK leaving the European Union will not be a panacea for all the internal problems they have blamed on being a member of it. .



It seems that many people use control points for almost all of their local adjustments. I’m not sure why. While it has its place, for me, control points are my least used mask.



My preference is for the auto mask.

So is mine.