Local Adjustment Masks not appearing on External Displays

Does anyone else find that Local Adjustment Masks do not show up when your PhotoLab 5 window is on the secondary display? I’m running 5.2.2 Build 65 and have found that if I use my television or iPad Pro as a secondary display, the blue “blob” that shows you where the mask is will not appear. Masks act and perform as expected, but I cannot see where it is which makes cleaning up the mask if I have overshot things a bit challenging. I have made sure that I select the Show Masks check box, and it shows as blue.

The moment I move the PL5 window to my MacBook Pro’s display, boom the blue blob shows up and all appears as expected per the User Guide.

Fully confess I’m a totally new user to PL5, so this might be an issue of user error.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @CSBeard62 ,
And welcome to the forum.
I have tried to reproduce your issue on our side, without success (on my iPad everything works as expected…).
Question: when you see no “blue mask” is your mouse cursor actually inside the viewer? I ask because, if you are on a palette for instance, the viewer will only show you the image (no other UI elements are displayed in this case)…


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Greetings Steven,

When reading your question I was hoping we’d find a classic user error result on my part, but it doesn’t appear to be the case. I will describe what I did both to help you validate I went down the right path and, if so, the results I got. Here goes:

Booted up the MacBook Pro (13", 2018, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 - running Monterey 12.2) and connected my iPad Pro (12.9", 5th Gen - running 15.4.1) via USB-C cable
Went into Display, connected to the iPad, and set it to Screen Mirroring
Launched DxO PL
Selected a photo to edit
Selected Local Adjustments
Moved the cursor of the mouse within the “picture” - the brush is visible
Switched over to the iPad (brush is still visible within the viewer) and taking the Apple Pencil began drawing on the picture - nothing appears, no blue mask as I draw
Stopped drawing
The icon representing the presence of a Local Adjustment Mask showed up
The Equalizer showed up
Dramatically increased the exposure level - where I had drawn goes white
However, the blue mask was not visible
Continued to add a few masks - the icon representing the presence of a mask shows up and the equalizer function works, but there is no blue mask
Disconnect my iPad by shutting down SideCar
Screen refreshed on the MBP
Moved the mouse back into the viewer, and all the masks I created show up - blue mask is visible - as expected based on the User Guide

Going a little further …
Without the iPad connected via Sidecar, if I switch the brush to erase (or use the Option key to temporarily erase), the blue area of the mask is visible while I erase it using the mouse - erasing works as expected
With the iPad connected via Sidecare, if I switch the brush to erase, when I touch the Apple Pencil to the iPad screen or move the mouse on the MBP screen, the selected mask shows up but it is completely a solid black blob (as opposed to pale blue) - erasing works as expected

Going even a bit further …
The same issue occurs if I connect my MCP to my AppleTV (iPad is not connected) and mirror the screen - the behavior matches what happens with the iPad. The moment I switch back to just displaying only on my MBP, everything behaves as expected.

Hope that helps. Let me know if there are additional things you’d like me to try or additional information about my systems that would be helpful.


Hi Sean,

Thanks a lot for the step-by-step list!
This will allow us to try reproducing the issue.

I’ll keep you updated.


Hi @CSBeard62,
We have tested on our side, following your step-by-step guide, without success.
On the iPad screen I have a perfect mirror of the mac laptop (showing of course, the blue mask on the iPad as expected…). The only differences that I can spot, is that the system we tested on is updated to the latest OS (12.3.1) and it’s an M1 chip (not Intel)…
BTW, which version of PL are you using? (we tested on the latest version:


Hello Steven,

Updated all software today, and no change on the issue. Currently running:

macOS 12.4 on the MBP
iOS 15.5 on the iPad Pro
DxO | Elite

So as I noted, no change in behavior when I mirror the MBP on the iPad Pro or to my TV via AppleTV.

I decided to use my iPad Pro as an Extended Display to see what would happen. In that setup, when the DxO5 window resides on the iPad Pro, all of the issues described to date occur. However, when the DxO5 window resides on the MBP, masks display as they should. Move the window back to the iPad Pro screen, problem reappears.

Other things you would like me to try? Or is there additional information that you believe would be helpful to have about my system?


Hi Sean,
Thanks for all the info.
At the moment I don’t see what else could be tested and/or which additional information could help us reproduce the issue…