Local adjustment mask switching isn't automatic

I have a question. I drew an Auto Mask over a bird. Then I deselected that mask and chose the Brush Mask tool to draw another mask. Now, without doing anything else: if I select the previously drawn Auto Mask and start painting, what should happen? The Brush Mask tool remains active and painting results in the creation of a new mask, despite the existing Auto Mask having been selected and its equalizer showing in the Image Viewer. Is this correct behavior?

If, while the existing Auto Mask is selected, I right-click in the viewer and choose the Auto Mask tool, now I can continue painting the existing Auto Mask without a new mask being created.


Did you click on “new mask” in between these actions? The button is located in the LA toolbar below the preview (on Mac)

No, I did only the steps I mentioned.

Hello Greg,

Yes, this behavior is by design - you can draw a new mask with the tool which is selected/active (which toolbar you see in the preview) but at the same time you are allowed to select and modify the existing corrections of other tools.

Svetlana G.