Local adjustment/mask/protecting forground

I am a relatively new user of Photolap who plays a bit with “local adjustments” and have a question about this: Is it possible to use, for example, graduated filters and at the same time protect elements in the foreground? Example: I am going to use graduated filter, but want a person in the foreground not to be affected by this? Have tried to make a new mask, invert etc but this does not seem to work. When you use a U point or brush, you can protect the areas you do not want to be affected. But can not see that this can be done when I use graduated filter. :thinking: So far, I have had to use Affinity for this.

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Welcome @Pompel,

With the graduated filter (and any other local tool) you can use the “Rubber” local tool (on the right under the Auto Brush).

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Just make sure to zoom in far enough to be able to control the eraser so that you don’t get any halo on the junction between the foreground element and the rest.

And don’t forget to adjust the size and feathering on the eraser.


Thanks for your feedback
Pathal: Thanks for the welcome and for the tip, will try this.
Joanna: Yes the halo is an annoying problem that recurs in several editors. In affinty, however, I have a “workaround” to avoid this. But thanks for the tip.

For the record: Although my two posts (so far) may seem negative, I like Photolab. Where I come from, we have a saying that goes as follows (google translated): Much wants more :slightly_smiling_face:

Again, thank you so much for the feedback.

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